Advanced Dental Tools

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Learn here about the advanced dental tools that Dr. Asgari and our team use daily.

At Family Dentistry Springfield, we leverage industry-leading tools to provide you with the best dental care possible.

After all, using the latest technology helps us implement modern dental practices that are faster, more effective, and more comfortable.

Besides, our use of advanced dental tools and technology starts before you even walk in the door! Additionally, to ensure a seamless patient experience, our front office team uses Opera DDS dental practice software. As a result, through this software, we handle all New Patient paperwork as well as updates to Existing Patient paperwork.

Even if technology is not your strong suit, we make it easy for you to check in and update your information via iPad. Altogether, our dental office technology allows us to create a stress-free check-in process and keep track of all of your important information.

Advanced Dental Tools
Advanced Dental Tools

DEXIS Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are the safest option for getting a closer look at your teeth. Certainly, by using DEXIS digital x-rays, we save time and ensure a better process for you as the patient.

How do digital dental x-rays benefit our dental practice? Surely, we’re able to gather clearer images (with less radiation), so we can make a better assessment of your teeth and oral health. Undoubtedly, digital x-rays are the current gold standard in dental imaging, and we are proud to offer this solution to our patients.

OP300 Cone Beam for Dental Imaging

The OP300 is an incredible 3D system that provides extremely clear imaging with minimal radiation. Undeniably, it leverages leading 3D technology and offers exceptional detail in each image. Thus, we can use it to zone in on a particular scanning area to get the best image of that spot.

Using the OP300 Cone Beam allows us to get a better visual with greater detail. Particularly, this clearer, more detailed view, helps us plan the most effective treatment for your oral health. As a result, we can limit the need for multiple visits by performing more diagnoses in one visit with the help of this tool.

Advanced Dental Tools

The Top Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

We always turn to the top dental technology, aiming to provide accurate, convenient dental care to our patients. Further, our dental technology helps to provide you with the best possible patient experience.

Obviously, the ins and outs of various dental technologies can be hard to understand, but the benefits for both dentists and patients are extremely evident.

Our advanced dental tools and technology:

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As has been noted, advanced dental technology in Springfield, VA is essential for efficient oral health care. For this purpose, our dental team at Family Dentistry Springfield is proud to use the latest dental technology in every area of our dental office. Given these points for using quality dental imaging solutions, we can better assess and treat your smile no matter what your current dental health is.

Want to learn more about the dental technology we use? As shown above, we’re always happy to answer your questions and explain more about how we use the technology above.

At this point, schedule your dental appointment with our dedicated team today!